Our logistics services

Urgency and efficiency

Customer’s needs in the field of logistics and transportation are more and more characterized by the research of the suppliers who demonstrate and guarantee – as well as introducing quality brands – a high quality level of service, but most of all management flexibility, methods ease and a direct meeting with highly qualified experts.

In order to satisfy every Customer’s need we deal mainly with urgent/very urgent transportation, entirely customized from envelops to parcels, by land, sky and sea, both nationally and internationally.

Non-stop 24/7

All the logistics services are available 24/7, including Saturdays and Sundays.


Organization and type of transportation

  • Apart from traditional transportation, our logistics is particularly structured and qualified for everything concerning organization and out-of-network transportation, which means everything out of the regular standard in terms of weight, volume and distance. This transportation is carried out using every kind of vehicles: from car to tractor-trailer.
  • Conferment, storage and distribution of any product.
  • Archives management.
  • Installation, uninstallation of office machinery, personal computers and generic equipment.


Professional brokerage

The logistical brokerage service offered by Cargo Broker is a global management professional service, dealing with transportation, deliveries and logistics following a careful analysis of the company organization.