Our MISSION is offering to our Customer top-level satisfaction even in case of emergency,
through searching the most suitable solutions to achieve the condition of service among the
best available offers on the national and international market.

We can offer to our Customer a professional brokerage service which includes the global
design and management of transportation, delivery and logistics issues.



ANALISI_CARGOBROKERWe analyze your company organization and the related Customer’s needs.
FORNITORI_CARGOBROKERWe agree contracts with suppliers on behalf of our Customer.
DISAMINA_CARGOBROKERWe organize a close examination of the ongoing contracts on behalf of our Customer.
REVISIONE_CARGOBROKERWe manage the contracts as well as being constantly up-to-date for a cyclic review.
STRATEGIA_CARGOBROKERWe plan the best strategy in order to rapidly achieve the delivery.
MANAGEMENT_CARGOBROKERWe take charge of the whole operative process.
We deliver a detailed company logistical program.
PROGETTAZIONE_CARGOBROKERWe design new ad hoc and constantly up-to-date services for every Customer.